Saloon O

O salon was established in 2001 by Guillaume Choquet, and Soner Ozbay. These three celebrated hairstylists shared a vision to establish a salon emphasizing creativity, service and hygiene. Creativity by selecting hairstylists with experience and individual style. Service starts with the front desk thru your consultation, shampoo, color, cut, and style. Hygiene begins with an emphasis on clean equipment such as individually sterilized brushes, clean scissors and combs. Nothing is ever recycled without being washed or sanitized. We take pride in our effort to maintain the high quality of work and service we provide at O salon. The accolades we have received from Allure, Washingtonian magazine and many other publications are a testament to the quality of O salon and its staff.

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KFC Junction Mall,Nungua Main Road, Accra, Ghana


Feel free to reach out to us at any time our support team & ever ready customer care will
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Junction Mall,Nungua Main Road, Accra, Ghana